Aug 4, 1917 - March 12, 2012

James Rennie Whitehead

Memoirs of a Boffin:
A personal story of life in the 20th Century

Stories from the life of a scientist working in governments, universities and industry.
Formerly titled “Radar to the Future”.

Key words: research, education, radar, friction, energy, environment, science policy, future.

The Club of Rome and CACOR

A personal history of the evolution of these organizations from 1968-2005.

About the Global Future

Excerpts from writings over the past 50 years. The alarm bells rang more than half a century ago. Why did we take no notice?

Global Energy

The world will begin to run out of fossil fuels during the first half of this century. This diagram is a simple illustration of where we stand. But where are we going? It is evident that hydro, wind, solar, geothermal alternatives together can never meet more than a fraction of the global demand for energy, even at its current level. The only source that can produce the huge quantities required to feed the energy juggernaut is nuclear, in one form or another. Let us put in the effort to make it safe, before it is too late.

Tom de Fayer   (PDF Version also available)

A Tribute by some of his friends and colleagues, including some of his own writings.

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